SQL Tools Guide

Create Security Key


At first run the application you are suggested to create security key. Next time you will be asked to enter it for access. All your passwords, backup files will be encrypted using this security key. It’s not recoverable and changeable, that’s why please save this key in the safe place, if you lose it, you will not be able to open your backup files. If you have lost your security key or want to change it just reinstall the application, but your will lose your data, except backup files on Google Drive.

Add New Server

Screenshot_2014-10-17-03-59-18  Screenshot_2014-10-17-04-02-17

Click New Server in Action bar in order to add New Server with SQL database installed. You can select Type of SQL server (currently MySQL or PostgreSQL) and fill all fields. If you have PostgreSQL and MySQL databases on the same server, just create two instances for this server. SQL Tools uses secure SSH connection to a server.

Edit & Delete Server


You can Edit or Delete Server, just by long-click on it and the context menu will appear. Backup files are deleted with removing the Server, except backup files on Google Drive.

Go Ahead!


Open the Server and you see 3 tabs (Databases, Files, Backups). There are Google Drive download and Refresh buttons in the Action bar.

Action Bar: Google Drive Download

It opens a Google Drive instance for downloading previously uploaded backup files.

Action Bar: Refresh

It performs refresh procedure of current tab.

Tab: Databases


Databases tab gives the list of accessible databases on the server, according to permissions for the SQL Username. The list of databases supports single and multiple selection of databases for backup. Multiple selection performed by long-click on the item.

Tab: Files


Files tab gives the list of files and folders on the server. You can move through the folder tree. The list of files and folders supports single and multiple selection for backup. Multiple selection performed by long-click on the item.

Tab: Backups


This tab shows the list of backup files for the current Server. It supports multiple selection performed by long-click. Selected items can be

  • Uploaded to Google Drive with Google Drive Upload button in the Action bar
  • Restored either to the current Server or another one from the servers list
  • Deleted

Tip: Database Migration is performed in 2 steps

  1. Backup the database on the first Server
  2. Restore the backup to the second Server

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